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Wildwood Music Co.

Wildwood Music, Arcata's hometown music store since 1974, is housed in a cozy spot on I Street, with a colorful mural painted on its outside wall, sharing the stretch of road with two other iconic Arcata businesses, the North Coast Co-op and Los Bagels.

Inside is a musician's paradise with rows of guitars and banjos, enough to bless Humboldt with another dozen or so bluegrass bands. Dobros, drums, didgeridoos, amps, egg shakers, keyboards, strings, sheet music, books and more — Wildwood pulls out all the stops with a diverse and comprehensive inventory and a knowledgeable and helpful staff. And Journal readers have taken note, voting it Best Music Store.

Time to change your tune? Trade in your old Fender for something new. Wildwood has a sweet inventory of used and vintage instruments. And Wildwood Music is also your go-to for instrument repair and maintenance for the ones you'll never part with. While nothing beats the in-person music store browsing, hands-on experience, Wildwood Music also offers the convenience of online browsing and ordering. With all of this and nearly 50 years in business, Wildwood Music is second fiddle to none, deserving of the title Best Music Store.

Kali Cozyris

Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding, Best Doggie Daycare - PHOTOS BY RENÉE THOMPSON
  • Photos by Renée Thompson
  • Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding, Best Doggie Daycare

Best Doggie Daycare

Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding

Dogs are our best friends, protectors, confidants, travel companions and beloved members of our families, so we take care of them like the good hoomans we are. So, when it's time for us to go to work or out of town, a doggie daycare that takes the worry out of leaving our precious pups for a few hours or days is worth its weight in golden retrievers. No one knows that better than the discerning dog owners of Humboldt who have voted Happy Dog the Best Doggie Daycare.

What makes Happy Dog the top dog? Safety and security are No. 1, with fenced indoor and outdoor play areas featuring K9Grass, a synthetic turf made specifically for dogs. Dogs play with others of similar size and temperament to ensure compatibility and avoid any scraps or scrapes. Monitors throughout the facility ensure the staff always has eyes on the dogs and doggie play doesn't get too ruff. The staff are also experienced, well-trained and genuinely love and understand dogs. They offer free dog training with the cost of daycare and boarding, using only positive reinforcement. That's biscuit worthy. And staying there is also like a spa day, thanks to onsite groomers Bubble Buddies.

Piped in music? Check. Heated floors with bedding? Check. State-of-the-art security with nighttime observation? Check. And Happy Dog also requires all dogs to be up to date on vaccinations and have health checks to ensure the safety of all the animals under their care. Happy Dog, happy life.

Kali Cozyris

Food for People swept the   Best Nonprofit, Local Non-Profit, Local Cause & Volunteer Organization - categories. - SUBMITTED
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  • Food for People swept the Best Nonprofit, Local Non-Profit, Local Cause & Volunteer Organizationcategories.

Best Nonprofit, Local Non-Profit, Local Cause & Volunteer Organization

Food for People

There's no way around the fact that it's been a challenging stretch for Humboldt County's food bank, Food for People. A city sewer leak inundated its main facility in Eureka in February of 2020, rendering the place unusable just a month before COVID-19 shut everything down.

The pandemic not only sent demand for Food for People's services skyrocketing to unprecedented levels, it also forced most of the nonprofit's volunteer base to stay home and required new, dispersed, contact-free delivery methods. The nonprofit pivoted with aplomb and didn't miss a beat.

Three years later the pandemic has receded but the need for free, nutritious food in Humboldt County has not. As we reported just last month ("Hunger in Humboldt," July 20), 14 percent of Humboldt County residents are considered food insecure, meaning they lack "consistent access to enough food for every person in a household to live an active, healthy life," according to Feeding America, which is significantly worse than the national average of 10 percent and the third-highest food insecurity rate in the state. The bottom line is that in a county where the median annual household income is around $54,000 and studies show a household would need to earn about $74,000 to be considered self-sufficient, lots are struggling to make ends meet.

So we're all fortunate Food for People has not only been scrambling to pick up the slack for almost 45 years now, but also that it has seemingly emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever. It recently opened its new Eureka Choice Pantry, offering food pick-up three days a week, as well as child nutrition programs and services for homebound seniors. With all that in mind, it's no wonder Food for People nabbed the trifecta this year of Best Cause, Best Nonprofit and Best Volunteer Opportunity.

If you're hungry, know Food for People is there to help and reach out [(707) 445-3166,]. And if you're lucky enough not to be, consider donating or volunteering because some of your neighbors sure are. And as awesome as it is, Food for People can't do its best without others pitching in their best.

Thadeus Greenson


Antique Store

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Bev's Real Kids 2822 F St., Eureka (707) 443-5570

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Living Doll Vintage Boutique & Gallery 226 F St., Eureka (707) 498-0610

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Ciara's Irish Shop 334 Second St., Eureka (707) 443-0102

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Yarn 2840 F St., Eureka (707) 443-9276

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A & L Feed and Pet Supply 2308 Central Ave., McKinleyville (707) 839-3265

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Eureka Art & Frame Co. 1636 F St., Eureka (707) 444-2888

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Living Styles 37 W Second St., Eureka (707) 443-3161

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Blue Moon Gift Shop 772 Redwood Drive, Garberville (707) 923-2632

Head Shop

S.T.I.L. 2940 Broadway, Suite E, Eureka (707) 269-0210

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Good Relations 223 Second St., Eureka (707) 441-9570

Home Decor

Carl Johnson Co. 3950 Jacobs Ave., Eureka (707) 443-4851

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Holly Yashi 1300 Ninth St., Arcata (707) 822-5132

Liquor Store

Beverage Plus 1221 Main St., Fortuna (707) 725-9303

Mattress Store

Moore's Sleep World Multiple locations in Arcata, Eureka and Fortuna

Music Store

Wildwood Music Co. 1027 I St., Arcata (707) 822-6264

New Store

Plant Habit 432 Maple Lane, Garberville Find us on Facebook

Nursery/Garden Supply Store

Pierson Garden Shop 4100 Broadway, Eureka (707) 441-2713

Outdoor Gear Store

Picky Picky Picky Stores 600 E St., Eureka (707) 444-9201

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Humboldt Bay Trade and Pawn 1435 Fifth St., Eureka (707) 442-7777

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Fin-N-Feather 2931 F St., Eureka (707) 443-4914

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Pacific Motorsports 4001 Broadway, Eureka (707) 443-8031

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Abraxas Shoes And Leather 615 5th St., Eureka (707) 798-6194 430 Main St., Ferndale (707) 786-4277

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Humboldt Skate Lab 617 Third St., Eureka (707) 798-1258

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Fox Farm Soil & Fertilizer Co. 1900 Bendixsen St., #9524, Samoa (707) 443-4369

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Greenwired 1150 Evergreen Road # 1, Redway (707) 923-2001

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Pacific Outfitters of Eureka 1600 Fifth St., Eureka (707) 443-6328

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Eco-Groovy Deals 813 H St., Arcata (707) 834-7220

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Toy Box 2911 F St., Eureka (707) 445-0310

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S.T.I.L. 2940 Broadway, Suite E, Eureka (707) 269-0210

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Myrtlewood Liquors & John's Cigars 1648 Myrtle Ave., Eureka (707) 444-8869


Accounting Firm

Cunningham Malone & Morton Inc. 710 E St., #100, Eureka (707) 441-1111


Raegan Lima 2097 Harrison Ave., Eureka (707) 502-2246


glowMoore Skin Studio 1108 Main St., Fortuna (530) 315-2813

Appliance Repair

Redwood Appliance Center 1027 Main St., Fortuna (707) 725-7918


Jeffrey Monsell 381 Bayside Road Suite A, Arcata (707) 822-1771

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Quality Body Works 949 W Del Norte St., Eureka (707) 443-7769

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Humboldt Auto Styling 3625 Pryor Court, Fortuna (707) 764-6289

Auto Repair

Ray's Old Town Auto & Muffler 705 Third St., Eureka (707) 443-8893

Auto Window Tinting

Ricardo's Window Tint 2039 Broadway, Eureka (707) 616-6345

Bank/Credit Union

Coast Central Credit Union Multiple locations in Arcata, Crescent City, Eureka, Fortuna, Hoopa, McKinleyville, Weaverville, Willow Creek


Bethany Brune 930 Samoa Blvd., Arcata (707) 630-5067


The Trim Scene 930 Samoa Blvd., Arcata (707) 630-5067

Bed & Breakfast/AirB&B

Gingerbread Mansion Inn 400 Berding St., Ferndale (707) 786-4000

Body Piercing

Primal Decor 1908 Myrtle Ave., Eureka (707) 445-2609


Cunningham Malone & Morton Inc. 710 E St., #100, Eureka (707) 441-1111

Car Stereo

Eureka Car Stereo 1459 Broadway, Eureka (707) 445-3283

Car Wash

Tetrault Car Wash 4075 Broadway, Eureka (707) 443-6381 5025 Valley W Blvd., Arcata (707) 822-3105

Caregiving Organization

Area 1 Agency on Aging 333 J St., Eureka (707) 442-3763

Carpet Cleaner

A-1 Cleaning 12 W Seventh St., Eureka (707) 442-3229

Cell Phone Provider

Verizon 1122 Broadway, Eureka (707) 442-8334

Chiropractic Office

ACTIVE CARE Chiropractic 1775 Harrison Ave., Eureka (707) 445-8080

Cleaning Service

New Life Service Co. 1607 Fifth St., Eureka (707) 444-8222

Commercial Real Estate Company

Corcoran Icon Properties 527 Third St., Eureka (707) 515-6683 791 8th St., Suite 2, Arcata (707) 630-4208

Computer Repair Service

Emerald Technologies 915 Redwood Drive, Suite D, Garberville (707) 923-1268

Construction Company

New Life Service Co. 1607 Fifth St., Eureka (707) 444-8222

Countertop Company

Carbonneau Ceramic Tile 2306 Second St., Eureka (707) 443-8842

Custom Print Shop

Scrapper's Edge 728 Fourth St., Eureka (707) 445-9686

Customer Service

Leon's Car Care Center 929 Broadway, Eureka (707) 444-9636

Dance Studio

Dance Scene Studio 1011 H St., Eureka (707) 502-2188

Dentist Office

Felines H. Tipton, DDS 805 Harris St., Eureka (707) 443-7043

Doctor's Office

Open Door Community Health Center 2200 Tydd St., Eureka and other locations countywide (707) 441-1624

Doggie Daycare

Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding 3346 Jacobs Ave., Eureka (707) 442-5400

Event Coordinator/Planner

Celebration Boulevard 1305 H St., Eureka (707) 845-7243

Financial Advisor

Hec Wood, Edward Jones 3855 Rohnerville Road, Fortuna (707) 725-1112

Financial Planning Service

Coast Central Financial and Retirement Planning Multiple locations in Arcata, Crescent City, Eureka, Fortuna, Hoopa, McKinleyville, Weaverville, Willow Creek

Flooring/Carpet Store

Carbonneau Ceramic Tile 2306 Second St., Eureka (707) 443-8842


Rosewood Floral (707) 599-5506

Graphic Designer

Jason Brandi


HealthSPORT Multiple locations in McKinleyville, Arcata, Eureka and Fortuna

Hair Stylist

Aliesha Brown, T-Town Barbershop and Salon 361 Main St., Trinidad (707) 677-2022


Jared Stainbrook (707) 845-5469

Hardware/Lumber Store

Pierson Building Center 4100 Broadway, Eureka (707) 441-2700

Heating & Air Conditioning Company

Scurfield Solar & Heating 550 S G St., Suite 14, Arcata (707) 825-0759

Holistic Medicine

Humboldt Herbals 300 Second St., Eureka (707) 442-3541


Providence St. Joseph Hospital Eureka 2700 Dolbeer St., Eureka (707) 445-8121


Benbow Historic Inn 445 Lake Benbow Drive, Garberville (707) 923-2124

Insurance Agent

Traci Day, State Farm Insurance 692 14th St., Arcata (707) 822-7077

Insurance Office

Traci Day, State Farm Insurance 692 14th St., Arcata (707) 822-7077

Law Office

Stokes, Hamer, Kirk & Eads 381 Bayside Road Suite A, Arcata (707) 822-1771

Lawn Maintenance Service

The Garden Artist - Douglas Hulsey Find us on Facebook

Loan Officer

Maria Herrera 303 Harris St., Eureka (707) 443-9940

Local NonProfit

Food For People 2112 Broadway, Eureka (707) 445-3166

Mailing Center

Post-Haste Mail Center Inc. 600 F St., #3, Arcata (707) 825-8295

Martial Arts Studio

Humboldt Jiu Jitsu 1041 F St., Arcata (707) 822-6278

Massage Therapist

Olivia Gambino 630 Ninth St., Arcata (707) 825-0851

Midwifery Practice

Moonstone Midwives Birth Center 4677 Valley E Blvd. #2, Arcata (707) 633-3009

Mortgage Company

Briton Mortgage Inc. 303 Harris St., Eureka (707) 443-9940

Mortuary/Funeral Home

Ayres Family Cremation 2620 Jacobs Ave., Eureka (707) 269-7160

Muffler Shop

Leon's Car Care Center 929 Broadway, Eureka (707) 444-9636

Nail Salon

Soul to Soul Spa & Foot Bar 854 10th St., Arcata (707) 822-7685 601 Fifth St., Eureka (707) 497-8652


Redwood Coast Notary (408) 421-8376

Oil Change

Oilstop Drive Thru Oil Change 1109 Broadway, Eureka (707) 683-6028

Optometry Office

Cole Family Eye Care Optometry 2773 Harris St., H, Eureka (707) 445-4126


Century Orthodontics, Dr. Howard Hunt & Dr. Christian Hagge 707 I St., Eureka (707) 443-1390

Outdoor Guide Service

Kayak Trinidad 1 Bay St., Trinidad (707) 329-0085

Painting Company

CDH Painting Inc. 802 Harris St., Eureka (707) 443-4429


James Killfoil, MD, Redwood Pediatric Medical Group 3305 Renner Drive, Fortuna (707) 725-9355

Personal Trainer

Megan Lynch, Choice Conditioning (707) 834-3877

Pest Control

707 Pest Solutions 1302 Spear Ave., Arcata (707) 441-1733

Pet Grooming Service

Deb's Bark Avenue Grooming 2873 School St., Fortuna (707) 726-9111 Find us on Facebook


Green's Fortuna Pharmacy 1058 Main St., Fortuna (707) 725-4431


Moonstone Images (707) 834-1835


Robin Fraser 2280 Harrison Ave. Suite K, Eureka (707) 443- 8835

Place to Adopt an Animal

Miranda's Rescue 1603 Sandy Prairie Road, Fortuna (707) 725-4449

Place to Buy a Plant

Pierson Garden Shop 4100 Broadway, Eureka (707) 441-2713

Plumbing Business

Wyckoff's Plumbing 2065 Main St., Fortuna (707) 725-4475


Powell Family Child Care 2232 Hemlock St., Eureka (707) 444-8453

Property Management Company

Six Rivers Property Management 755 12th St., Fortuna (707) 725-1094

Real Estate Agent

Annalise von Borstel Ming Tree, Realtors Eureka 509 J St., Eureka (707) 616-2548

Real Estate Company

THE KEY Real Estate Group 212 J St., Eureka (707) 296-9999

Residential/Commercial Glass Company

Eureka Glass Co. Multiple locations in Arcata, Eureka and McKinleyville

Roofing Company

Alves Inc 4200 West End Road, Arcata (707) 825-4725


Beautiful Both Ways 1660 Central Ave., UNIT G, McKinleyville (707) 499-2099

Security Store/ Locksmith

Advanced Security Systems 1336 Fourth St., Eureka (707) 443-6366

Senior Living Community

Alder Bay Assisted Living 1355 Myrtle Ave., Eureka (707) 267-7110

Smog Shop

Leon's Car Care Center 929 Broadway, Eureka (707) 444-9636


Platinum Studio Salon and Float Spa 123 Fifth St., Eureka (707) 476-8100

Storage Center

Evergreen Mini Storage 1100 Evergreen Road, Redway (707) 923-1969

Tattoo Studio

Sangha Tattoo Studio 527 F St., Eureka (707) 476-8282

Tax Service

John B. Fullerton, CPA 711 Third St., Eureka (707) 444-3874

Tire Shop

Tetrault Tire Center 4075 Broadway, Eureka (707) 443-6381

Towing Company

Buddy's Auto Center Inc 113 H St., Arcata (707) 822-2615

Tree Trimming Service

Coastal Tree Service 4015 Dows Prairie Road B, McKinleyville (707) 834-0849

Veterinary Office

Myrtle Avenue Veterinary Hospital 2715 Hubbard Lane, Eureka (707) 443-8686

Volunteer Organization

Food For People 2112 Broadway, Eureka (707) 445-3166

Web Designer

Mythos Marketing (707) 572-5516

Windshield Repair Company

S & H Auto Glass Inc. 617 Summer St., Eureka (707) 445-9261

Yoga Studio

Vibes Yoga 613 H St. Suite A, Arcata (707) 630-5209