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Linda Wise's metal horse sculpture - PHOTO BY ANDREW GOFF
  • Photo by Andrew Goff
  • Linda Wise's metal horse sculpture

He knows everything about you. The furniture you buy. The car you drive. Your idling-at-the-intersection habits. Your fast-food preferences. Whether you go for kayaks or bicycles or guns. That on Fridays you go the back way along Old Arcata Road but the rest of the week you split your route between Samoa and the 101 corridor.

He even knows that many of you, he's not quite sure exactly who, have in the past wantonly thrown out a perfectly good rusty old wrench or bicycle chain, crowbar or rebar stake. He knows this last bit about you because, before artist Linda Wise imagined him and got to work with her fire tools, he was a scattering of those things collecting forlornly, one by one, at the dump. And now the metal horse sculpture at the corner of fifth Street and Myrtle Avenue watches, amid grass and flowers and exhaust and fog and sunshine, and sees all. And all see him -- and say, "Howdy, beautiful."

The Breakdown: Linda Wise’s Horse 6.1%, Pastels on the Plaza 3.9%, Arts! Alive 3.9%, Kinetic Sculpture Racr 3.7%, Flatmo’s Arkley Center Mural 3.2%. Category popularity: 33rd.


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