Best Restroom

The Speakeasy

Gregson Pullen in the Speakeasy bathroom - PHOTO BY ANDREW GOFF
  • Photo by Andrew Goff
  • Gregson Pullen in the Speakeasy bathroom

"I need to take a picture of your bathroom."

It was a slow Sunday evening at The Speakeasy. After explaining further to bartender Sierra Anderson that these facilities had won our first ever Best Restroom award, she was cool with my proposition. A guy down the bar -- Gregson Pullen of Connecticut, who'd just rolled into town -- was curious about what I planned to do in the can.

"Wanna be my model?" I asked.

After I promised to buy him a beer he agreed to enter the restroom with me. After overcoming some initial paranoia over what I planned to do with these pictures -- "Are you gonna make me look silly?" -- he eventually heeded my direction to lean against the beautifully mural-soaked wall next to the artisan bowl-shaped sink. He was already a little drunk.

"Lemme see," he asked. And so I showed him the pictures. “That’s a good one.”

All in all, The Speakeasy bathroom: pretty place to empty your hat and, sometimes, get to know people.

The Breakdown: The Speakeasy 8.8%, Robert Goodman Winery 6%, My own 5.2%, Renata’s 4.5%, Larrupin 3.8%. Category popularity: 31st.


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