Best Secondhand Store

Angels of Hope

  • Photo by Heidi Walters
  • Angels of Hope

Who knows where the chicken and duck baskets once lived? The chicken's ribbon necktie was tan and green and the ducks' blue-and-white checks. Squatting atop a stack of less-animated basketry, they beckoned: "Come on, Thanksgiving! Gimme some bread to hold!"

But when you've just got a few bucks to burn, you have to shop wisely. Maybe something practical, then, like a shirt or shoes or shot glasses. Or books. Ooh! Ooh! Ruby red prom dress, on the wall!

Then, turning to face the light of the entrance about a mile away across a sea of secondhand possibilities, you notice the blue unicorn painted on the wall and relax. Really, there are no wrong choices here at Angels of Hope, at 1309 10th St. in Arcata, everybody's favorite two years running. What's not to like about a jampacked, nonprofit thrift store for everyone and job-training site for at-risk kids?


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