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Chris Parreira

Chris Parreira - PHOTO BY BOB DORAN
  • Photo by Bob Doran
  • Chris Parreira

Repeat, baby! Humboldt still digs on soulful, rootsy Americana. After sharing Best Solo Artist honors in last year’s Best Of poll due to a tie, local singer/songwriter Chris Parreira goes truly solo in this year’s winners column. (To be fair, last year’s co-winner Josephine Johnson spent much of the year away from Humboldt ears teaching in Thailand.)

But, c’mon, is Chris really a solo artist at this point? While he does play the occasional solo acoustic gig, Parreira can be seen far more frequently these days as one of the singer/guitarists in The Trouble who, yes, yes, are playing the NCJ Best Of Party at the Eureka Theater on Friday.

Hmm. We gotta find some remaining solo aspect to Chris ... got it. In addition to performing himself, Parreira has kept Humboldt melody full as a concert promoter. The solo Chris Parreira Presents turned it up this year, offering a series of successful shows featuring artists selected ‘cuz the founder liked ‘em -- evenings with Steve Poltz, Anias Mitchell and Matt the Electrician, to tout a few. And hell, he won an award. We’ll even plug the next CP Presents show right here. Ready?

On Wednesday, Sept. 26, Chris Parreira Presents presents the eclectic folk of the adorably identical Shook Twins at the Arcata Playhouse. Go to that. But come see Chris rock unsolo on Friday first.

The Breakdown: Chris Parreira 6.8%, Lyndsey Battle 5.6%, Berel Alexander 4.5%, Ishi Dube 4.5%, John Luddington 2.8%, Sara Bareilles 2.5%. Category popularity: 38th.

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