Best Tattoo Artist + Best Jewelry Store /Best Bathroom

Luis Lopez of Primal Décor. - AMY WALDRIP.
  • Amy Waldrip.
  • Luis Lopez of Primal Décor.

Luis Lopez (of Primar Decor)

1908 Myrtle Ave., Eureka

Maybe we're just a bit more traditional than we thought, perhaps even a bit prejudiced. Whatever the reason, we'll own up to the fact that we were shocked when readers weighed in to tell us that a tattoo parlor is home to the best bathroom in Humboldt County — and the best jewelry store. (It is also home to Humboldt's best tattoo artist, Luis Lopez, but we found that less surprising.) But stepping inside the funky, turquoise building on Myrtle Avenue, we found our readers' judgment to be on point. We were greeted with floor-to-ceiling lit glass cases displaying an assortment of high-end jewelry. Yes, there were the ear gauges and body piercings that might make grandma squirm, but there were also plenty of earrings you could imagine her donning for a nice dinner out, providing, of course, that your grandma is hip and stylish with some organic Humboldt flair.

And then there's Lopez, who has been inking people up at Primal Decor for the better part of two decades. Owner Jason Whitcomb says Lopez is dedicated to improving his craft and is adept at fine line work and shading. But what really makes him stand apart, Whitcomb says, is that he can deliver whatever a customer happens to request. "I would say that he's the kind of guy a customer can bring just about any design to and he can bring it forth on their skin."

Oh, and the bathroom? It's spotless and pleasant. And there's a bidet.

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