Best Thing to Bitch About

Tweakers (73.47%)

Fear and loathing in Humboldt. - PHOTO BY GRANT SCOTT-GOFORTH
  • Photo by Grant Scott-Goforth
  • Fear and loathing in Humboldt.

Runner Up: The Homeless

Really, Humboldt? What, no bitching about cancer patients and the lower-middle class? I'm afraid voting for tweakers and the homeless as Humboldt County's best things to bitch about evidences an empathy deficit of staggering proportions. I realize we're in the throes of a drought and the usually-bitched-about gray skies have been delightfully blue lately, but aren't there better things to complain about locally than the diseased and woefully less fortunate? For starters, we could direct our griping ire at the depressed state of the local economy, a state government that mandates drug treatment but doesn't pay for it or the nation's utter failure of a war on drugs. But, I get it, that's all complicated stuff. It's far easier to just decry the symptom and move on.


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