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Bi Valve



You beautiful palm-sized,

living sea stone.

It will take more than bare hands

and a paring knife

to pry you open.

Have you tried heat therapy?


Your shell is a porcelain hot tub

gently heating your clenched and tired muscle.

Just relax.

Pleasant, isn't it?

Feel the warming salt water soak up

your aches and pains.

Now, doesn't that feel better?

That's it, just let go.

Let the steam creep into your stuffy filter tube . . .

and breathe.

Everything will be all right.

Just surrender to the flame.

Let it feed your own fiery soul.

There is no pain, only the attachment of desire.

Open up your mind

to the expanding universe you're already a part of.

There is no more "you,"

only emptiness.

Delicious emptiness.

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