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Big Apple, Big Cheese



At the small cafe on the fourth floor of the Met, my daughter and I noticed the Dick Taylor chocolate bars being sold on the very small counter by the cash register ("The Chocolate Factory," Aug. 6, 2015). The only other packaged food item was tiny bags of peanuts. We both thought that to occupy space here speaks to the quality of this candy made in [Eureka]. We are talking about the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

At our last group dinner at the Sojourn Restaurant, one of the friendly waiters, on hearing that we were from Humboldt, remarked that their cooks use Humboldt Fog cheese in many of their small plates. Very superior cheese, he said.

In the same vein, my granddaughter visited a college friend staying at her parents' apartment on the Upper West Side. In looking at the pictures adorning the walls, she discovered an old poster advertising the Arcata Farmers Market, painted by Alan Sanborn.

In a city of 8.5 million residents, 3,000 miles distant from Humboldt, these touches of home delighted us and brought us a sense of pride and comfort.

Aiko Uyeki, McKinleyville

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