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Bigfoot, Narrow Mind



I was perplexed by the article "Crackpot" (April 28). While Dr. Stepp's keen interest in Bigfoot is interesting, I was amazed he was allowed a weekly forum by different HSU departments.

I've have never seen Bigfoot, nor has anyone I know. But I don't dismiss the possibility he exists. What I have and do see on a regular basis is "chemtrails," the laymen's term for SRM (solar radiation management), and many people I know and communicate with from around the world see them as well.

I've taken half a dozen rain tests, lab reports aluminum and barium; my hair tested, elevated aluminum and barium. The notion that these aircraft trails are contrails — ice crystals — is absolutely ludicrous. Research it yourself.

So why would a meteorologist of Dr. Stepp's stature come across as so close-minded toward the chemtrail phenomena? Perhaps his earlier statement explains why: "A subject that will not get funded and will endanger your career, may never get studied." ...Or worse!

How can we trust science, if the scientists are afraid to speak out?

I for one, do my own research. A good place to start is www.geoengineeringwatch.org. Or you may enjoy an article from a few days ago by Chuck Norris, martial arts expert and actor: "Sky Criminals" at www.WND.com.

Eric Paulsen, Kneeland

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