It was both amusing and depressing to read your Blog Jammin' piece in last week's Journal (June 7) regarding Rex Bohn, the winner of the 1st District supervisor race. It appears to have been a rather slippery exercise for you in attempting to get some straight answers from him regarding the campaign mailers and just who it was that financed and backed him. Oh, and what about the childlike glee with which he reacted to the amount that was spent on his campaign?

And then there was the complete confusion concerning what he did or didn't support in the Prop. 28 and 29 issues. It is quite hard to believe that he is so ignorant of who was supporting his campaign and how they were going about it. This all from someone who decided he shouldn't run for office as a Republican, unless you want to call that a coincidence. I think of it more as a pattern, i.e. Virginia Bass.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what he has to say once he is actually sworn in! And we will also see what the other candidates who won with the impressive help from the developers will do when in office. To try to tell us that they are not beholden to those interests is almost laughable.

Bruce Edwards, Redway

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