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Bold Move


I am a white male in my eightieth year. When I read your headline stating "Top Ten Dick Moves of 2020" (Dec. 31), I was stumped. The only dick move I know is an erection.

 Reading the article, I learned "Dick Moves" include: stockpiling toilet paper; conspiracy theories and media hoaxes; tearing down a rainbow flag; xenophobia; not wearing masks; flouting COVID Restrictions; having big, happy weddings in the time of COVID; killing otters; and driving cars into protestors.

I understand how killing otters and intentionally running down pedestrians can be considered "Dick Moves." Real harm is done. And it is a rare — very rare — person without a dick who does so, the exception proving the rule that persons without dicks don't indulge in gratuitous slaughter nor aim their cars at people they disagree with. 

However, I fail to see how the prior eight alleged "Dick Moves" were/are made only by persons with dicks. Thus, I ask: can a person without a dick make a dick move? 

If so, would it not be just as accurate and/or discriminatory to label them pussy moves?

Alex Ricca, Blue Lake

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