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Bullets to Spare




Heidi Walters wrote a wonderful article on reintroducing condors (“Fixing the World,” July 16). The Bucksport employee’s salient remark that a lot of hunters stockpile ammo helps explain their resistance to switching to lead-free bullets. (However, it was startling and distressing that one of the scientists working on the restoration hasn’t yet made the switch to lead-free bullets.)

Here’s a possible solution for the hunters and their stockpiles: The feds are printing money. Let them print a little more to help pay for a trade. Hunters would get 5 percent more bullets (lead-free) if they trade in their lead bullets. It would be a kind of Cash for Clunker (cars) version for bullets.

A bird with a 9-foot-plus wingspan – any bird with a 9-foot-plus wingspan – has got to be awesome. Bring on the condors.

Zephyr Markowitz, Bayside

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