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But I Play One On TV



As one of only three local television commercial producers still working for the television stations creating "something quick and stupid" for an onslaught of local businesses week in and week out for the past 30 years, I take umbrage to college professor Montel Vanderhorck's insinuation, "that's how they kind of keep the small guy out" from being able to compete in the local commercial production industry with beautifully crafted jewels of inspired cinematic wonder ("Bye, Folks," May 29).

Hey, perhaps it's just a better business model. All I know is, the disparaging words about our cheap-ass TV ads has us crying, (sniff, sniff) ... crying all the way to the bank and taking hundreds of happy business owners with us.

By the way, independent producers Matt and Rick St. Charles, John Graves, Malcolm DeSoto, Chad Johnson, Aix Battoe and a few others are making great local ads on a regular basis. I'm extremely impressed with their efforts. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have 45 minutes to write, shoot and edit this thing to get it ready to air on your favorite television show. We'll miss you, Corky!

Ross Rowley, Fortuna

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