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But is it Art?



My compliments on the vivid descriptions of the interior of the cabin in the Arcata Community Forest ("Cabin Fever," Sept. 10). They correlate uncannily with the Mad River Union's original reporting, based on my visits to the mysterious little house.

And yet it seems like there's something missing from your story.

Kevin L. Hoover, Arcata


I want to commend Gabrielle Gopinath on her lovely article honoring the art that was the Community Forest cabin. She is right in saying this story enchanted many of us, myself included, and I so appreciate her highlighting what made this story fascinating, inspiring, and artistic social commentary. And thank you to the individual(s) who so thoughtfully created, and then removed the cabin; though I know it had to go, I silently cheered on its existence and its resistance to convention.

Julie Slater, Fieldbrook

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