But what do we know?: Your Top Ten(s)

A roundup of what Humboldt fingers were clicking in 2011



Another year, another NCJ editorial staff meeting where we drink wine, eat chevre and decide for you what the top 10 Humboldt-y issues of the last 365 were. But what do we know? This time, we also logged into our Google analytics site -- where all web traffic for is cyber tracked -- and compiled lists of what you actually read. Your voices -- well, clicks -- count! (From most-read on down.)

Cover Stories
1. Whales. In a River. by Andrew Goff and Heidi Walters, July 28
The Klamath River cetacean infestation garnered national attention and provided summer 101 travelers another excuse to stretch their legs and gawk at something.
2. Queasy Eats by HSU Investigative Reporting Students, May 12
The results of more than 700 Humboldt restaurant inspections were put under an army of HSU journalism student microscopes. Some findings were yuck.
3. Search and Suspend  by Hank Sims, Jan. 20
Arcata High student Carlos Espinosa wore a weedy sweatshirt to school. Arcata High wasn't having it.
4. Robert's Vow  by Ryan Burns, June 9
Robert Parker candidly shared some of the intimate details of his life with wife Claudia Pedreros -- even as she stood accused of murdering their young daughter Sophia.
5. In Karuk  by Heidi Walters, Oct. 27
The story of a family's attempts to save its ancestral tongue from disappearing forever.
6. The Trimmers by Zach St. George, Oct. 13
A look inside the lives of some of the folk working Humboldt's most hush-hush profession.
7. Really? by Ryan Burns, June 30
The Ink People threw a non-ironic beauty pageant for teenage girls. Really.
8. 2011 North Coast Journal Best Of Humboldt by NCJ Staff, Sep. 22
Humboldt chose its best beer, best Mexican restaurant, best dance floor, etc. and St. John and the Sinners chose the best band!
9. Shipping Logs to China by Ryan Burns, March 31
Local timber companies don't find local mills so hot anymore -- their eyes have drifted westward.
10. The Little Casino That Could?  by Tom Abate, Feb. 10
iPads? In a casino? Tom was all over it.

Other News Stories
1. Rabies Survivor by Ryan Burns, May 26
Eight-year-old Precious Reynolds of Willow Creek beat the deadly disease. Hey! That's good news!
2. Mixed Messages by Ryan Burns, July 14
The feds are not cool with medical marijuana. Wait, now they are. Whoa whoa whoa, now they aren't again.
3. Tragedy in Trinity by Travis Turner, May 26
The account of the death of 2-year-old Sophia Pedreros, allegedly drowned by her mother Claudia.
4. Occupy Checking Account by Ryan Burns, Nov. 11
While many Americans participated in Bank Transfer Day, we explored how the best ways to get revenge on the big banks might be to remain a customer.
5. The Last Man Out by Heidi Walters, March 31
The Amanda B fishing vessel headed out to sea in an attempt to avoid the tsunami headed toward the Crescent City harbor.
6. Food Fight by Heidi Walters, Aug. 18
The story of how a $2.5 million lawsuit against Gabriel's Restaurant began with too much parmesan.
7. Mold Grievance  by Heidi Walters, May 12
Humboldt County can be a moldy place. St. Joseph's Hospital is in Humboldt. Therefore …
8. Big Job by Heidi Walters, Feb. 17
A report on credit union losses revealed that the Coast Central Credit Union CEO is Humboldt's million dollar man.
9. Where's Walmart?  by Zach St. George, Aug. 11
Remember when we were just speculating? Oh, for simpler times.
10. Why Was Garr Fired? by Ryan Burns, June 30
Eureka City Manager David Tyson had had enough and fired Police Chief Garr Nielsen … without cause.

1. Massive Mudslide Envelops Hwy. 101 by Ryan Burns, March 30
One day last spring, the earth decided it had an appetite for pavement, leaving travelers without a clear path in and out of Humboldt. We had pictures.
2. Tsunami Warning  by Ryan Burns, March 11
One day last spring, the earth decided it needed to stretch. We had updates.
3. "Who Pooped and Peed on the Bank? (Ode to Betsy Lambert)"  by Andrew Goff, Nov. 9
KIEM's Betsy Lambert's timeless confrontation with Occupy Eureka went viral. And Humboldt sang along.
4. Tom Abate Joins NCJ Staff  by Judy Hodgson, Jan. 26
That was rough ...
5. Know Your 2011 Kinetic Sculptures  by Andrew Goff, May 28
The spectacle! The pageantry! The pink butt cheeks! We provided the definitive guide to all things Kinetic -- including the drama that ensued when the youngins wanted to race, too.
6. Burns Named Acting Editor  by Judy Hodgson, Mar. 23
… but it got better.
7. Criminal Charges Filed Against Eureka Police Officer  by Ryan Burns, April 14
Former EPD officer Danny Kalis accused of, wow geez, a whole bunch of bad stuff.
8. Klamath River Gray Whales Photo Dump by Andrew Goff, July 27
You know who's really photogenic? A mama/baby gray whale duo that conveniently and continually passes back and forth under a major highway. We couldn't resist.
9. ‘Federal Terror Campaign’ Hits Mendocino Collective by Ryan Burns, Oct. 13
Like we said, the feds aren't cool with weed anymore. In October, they raided Mendocino's Northstone Organics and, not surprisingly, a lot of Humboldtians had their curiosity piqued.
10. It's Not Best Buy! by Judy Hodgson, Aug. 2
Wal-Martmania was well under way by the end of summer. We whittled down the list of who or what might be moving into Gottschalks abandoned shell.

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