By the Breach 

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Photo by Heidi Walters
On the breached sandspit at Stone Lagoon, New Year's Day 2013.
Photo by Ken Malcomson
As the level in Stone Lagoon drops after it has breached, a shell-plastered shoreline emerges.
Photo by Terran Winston-Doble
In 1985, Ron Warner, a state fisheries biologist, made this fish print of a coastal cutthroat trout caught by Dan Doble. At 21 inches and five pounds, the fish set a new state record at the time.
Photo by Ross Taylor
One of the many Stone Lagoon steelhead trout caught at trap sites on McDonald Creek in 1992-93.
Sources: Mark Hemphill-Haley, Google Maps, california state parks
Map of the lagoons in Humboldt Lagoons State Park. The dashed lines show, roughly, the locations of fold-and-thrust faults that created the basins where the lagoons have formed.
Photo by Ross Taylor
A coastal cutthroat trout smolt from the trout-breeding and planting days at McDonald Creek and Stone Lagoon in the early 1990s.
Photo by Ken Bechtol
A dory skiff built by Ken Bechtol, ready for a spin around Stone Lagoon.
Photo by Ken Bechtol
An old barn overtaken by nature across the highway from Stone Lagoon
Photo by Ken Bechtol
Even trees grow massive at Stone Lagoon, some seeming to try to octopus their way into the water.
Photo by Ken Malcomson
On the trail from Dry Lagoon to Stone Lagoon on a sunny winter's day.
Photo by Ken Malcomson
View from the highway in late December of Stone Lagoon and its recently breached spit. The lagoon has breached five times since February 2003, according to California State Park records.
Photo by Ken Bechtol
A Whitehall-style rowboat built by Ken Bechtol, who often finds himself peacefully alone on Stone Lagoon.
Source: CDFW Eureka
Stone Lagoon aquatic species list
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Photo by Ken Bechtol
An old barn overtaken by nature across the highway from Stone Lagoon


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