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'Cannot Be Trusted'



The powers that be, including federal, state, and local authorities, cannot be trusted to do the right thing with the high-level radioactive waste stored on Buhne Point! ("44 Feet," Sept. 15.) With the geology of Buhne Point, its location from the jaws of Humboldt Bay, sea level rise, erosion from storm surge, the fault lines that run near (and perhaps even under) the storage site, the aging condition of the storage casks (and especially the condition of cask No. six), and the very real threat of a tsunami makes it imperative that the high-level radioactive waste be moved off of Buhne Point at the earliest possible time.

As it is, the communities of Humboldt Bay are playing Russian roulette while everyone monkeys around to find a solution to a problem that should have never happened in the first place. The sins of those responsible for creating the problem are history. Now we must hold those responsible for creating the problem (PG&E and the government — historically the Atomic Energy commission — and now the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Energy and Congress) financially and legislatively accountable for transferring the radioactive waste into new transportable casks and move all of it to another location without all of Buhne Point's vulnerabilities previously mentioned and it's imperative that it be done sooner than later! 

Bob Rowen, Redding

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