I think Richard Grabowski's simplified way of dividing people into those who are for good jobs and those who are against them is nonsense ("Mailbox," July 2). A more accurate characterization of the divide, if there is one, is between people who are willing to sacrifice the things we love about living in Humboldt County in order to get good jobs and people who aren't.

There are good things about this county besides people who need jobs and ample land for development. There is also clean air, clean water and rare species that live in equally rare, intact ecosystems. There is local organic agriculture, small locally owned businesses that serve the community, nearly pristine forests and an unpolluted, if over-fished, ocean. Most of us would love to have more good jobs in Humboldt County. But we aren't willing to sacrifice what we love about living here to get them and any marketing to promote business growth that doesn't take into account the quality of our lives rather than just the size of our bank balance will also be a waste of time and money.

Marcia Tauber, Arcata

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