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I enjoyed Ken Weiderman's article about, and especially his interview with artist Sheldon Skillie ("Breakdancing with the Spirits," June 5). While I live too far away to attend the gallery showing, I've followed and appreciate his works. He seems to be able to shift media with fine attention to the details needed to successfully capture each individual theme. I wish him success with his showing and hope you can follow up with more information about his previous gallery displays in the Pacific Northwest. I find his work very impressive.

Alicia White, Cottage Grove, Ore.


Marcy Burstiner's fine article in The Journal ("Art Attack," May 29) prompted me to write a letter, for once not excoriating some foible, but in appreciation of sentiments so finely crafted. In a time of acute polarization, one or another view is expressed so strongly, opposing views are belittled by implication, if not outright dismissal. Burstiner's exposition scaled impossible heights by her balanced examination of an issue we should all consider: Select any option, but be aware of the real and diverse consequences.

The process of confirmation bias stymies objectivity in such a way as to mock thoughtfulness by allowing our prejudices to shape, not just what we think, but what we allow others to think.

Larry Hourany, McKinleyville

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