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Cash for Trash




Cannot thank the Town Dandy enough for the “Pay Dirt” column. More bedrock analysis of our bureaucrats and the pretend democracy will pay much higher dividends than whether Sarah Palin ever wore a bikini, or what Obama’s pastor had for lunch.

One item I’d like to add to the Supervisors’ pay raise issue. Loretta Nickolaus (county chief administrative officer, paid around $10,000/mo. plus perks) did rather clearly support the raise through a maze of bureaucrat-speak, once referring to “employee retention” as a reason for the higher salaries. It took Johanna Rodoni to point out that it was highly unlikely that a local supervisor was going to leave to become supervisor in another county, thus squashing that particular weasel logic.

Switching gears to my letter regarding the immigration raids(“Mailbox,” Sept. 18). Your headline, “Those Damned Mexicans,” was clever, but missed my point. Those damned illegals is what I wrote about. I know many fine Mexicans here in Humboldt, and believe many of them are ahead of the locals in family, personal responsibility, humility and graciousness.

Thanks for listening.

Joshua Kinch, Freshwater

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