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Cigarette Burns


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About the new Eureka City ordinance prohibiting smoking in outdoor spaces, or rather the complaints about it: It's hard to feel sympathy for those crying economic hardship when they continue to hand over thousands of dollars a year to the fat cat murderers who are profiting by selling slow death ("Outdoor Inhale," Aug. 26).

How much is a carton of carcinogens these days, $20? If a carton lasts you a week, you could save over $1,000 a year by quitting your slow suicide.

Katherine Almy (ex-smoker), McKinleyville



It was with great delight that I read your recent "Town Dandy" column concerning your obvious disgust at the cowardly actions of Eureka city government and their dead-of-night, no-notification passing of anti-business regulations regarding smoking within the city (Aug. 26).

Your further comments concerning the lack of fast-food -- dare I say non-healthy? -- eating outlets in the downtown area is again a pleasurable awaking by someone of your stature and influence in the community.

Perhaps now that you are feeling the oppressive liberal nanny state heavy hand of government and police state elected officials that are directly affecting not only your personal life, but the rest of us, we can count on you to stop routinely endorsing these individuals for public office election after election.

In fact, I am wondering, based on your comments, if you are ready to attend a local Tea Party meeting, where you would find many like-minded individuals who are as concerned about overreaching government as yourself. I would be happy to escort you and introduce to the many Humboldt members who think just as you do. Just give me a call.

I know I speak for most all conservatives here in the area and feel comfortable saying we are happy to have you see the light and look forward to your political analysis and endorsements in the upcoming election.

Tom Fredriksen, Eureka


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