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Clever Goldfish


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I don't own a goldfish. If I did own a goldfish, I'm confident that my goldfish would be able to publish a better story than NCJ's "Fight "article (Dec. 1).? Shame on the NCJ for using Taniesha Kyle's desire to become a champion as a political ploy!?My name is Nick Kukuruza. I am responsible for bringing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to Humboldt County. I helped train Taniesha Kyle for her fight at the "Nor-Cal fight fest." I convinced the BLTAC (Blue Lake Tribal Athletic Commission) officials to issue Ms. Kyle a license for MMA competition. I stand by my decision. Taniesha's performance inside the cage and outside the cage supports my decision.?If you would like to intelligently discuss the volatile subject of MMA with me directly, email me at hcfighter@gmail.com.?I don't read this publication often; is the use of profanity necessary?

Nick Kukuruza, Fortuna


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