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Reading Heidi Walters' article of Jan. 20, "Southern Discomfort," I was reminded that it's not always easy for constituents to reach me. I've always recognized the difficulty in getting services, funding and attention to the southern part of the 2nd District, especially in the remote rural areas. I seize every possible opportunity to attend and be available for ideas and suggestions at community events, and I very much appreciate opportunities like being able to do the "Between the Hums" report on Dennis Huber's Monday Morning Magazine, usually right before 8 a.m. on KMUD. On that segment I give a weekly update on Board of Supervisors and other meetings and people can call in with questions.

Although Mr. Sky and I have since talked, I do want to take the opportunity to let folks in the southern part of the district know the best way to reach me: My office hours in Garberville (in the county building behind the library) this year will be 2:30 to 6 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Please be aware, though, that sometimes other meetings and job requirements interrupt that schedule (many thanks to Garberville Librarian John Christiansen for running over to put announcements/changes on my office door when this happens). Please call Nancy Hampton or Kathy Hayes at 476-2396 to confirm my schedule or to make a specific appointment. In addition, a good way to reach me is by email at cclendenen@co.humboldt.ca.us.

Clif Clendenen, 2nd District Supervisor



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