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I had written a letter to you in the Sept. 19 issue wanting to answer Martha Johnson's question (Mailbox, Sept. 12) of why Christians vote for President Trump, as well as to list some of the accomplishments so far of his administration about which I was glad.

I am concerned to write again to report that I received an anonymous letter in the snail mail that was basically attacking me for my reply, calling me a hater and (in my husband's opinion) threatening me in a cryptic way.

However, to whoever it was that was so vitriolic toward me, I wanted to ask: What in my letter made me out to be a "hater?" Or is it just that, as a supporter of our president, I am automatically pegged as such? I do in fact notice that this seems to be the trend; if your views tend toward conservatism, you are "off the reservation" and must be sanctioned (remember Hillary saying that "we don't have to be civil to them ..."?).

And to Martha: It's not fair to compare Donald Trump to Hitler; that's hateful speech.

Jean Damon, McKinleyville


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