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Confusion Flows



Ken Bates' letter in the March 30 Journal, "It All Flows Downriver," confused me. First, he reiterates the damage to our fisheries that is caused by marijuana farming in local timberland, and then advocates continuing it. I read Stephen Sungnome Madrone's column in the March 23 Journal, "It's What, Not How, You Grow," (I assume the What and How got reversed) and I got a headache tying to add up how many government agencies and paid consultancies would be required to implement his plan. It's a fantasy because government is essentially bankrupt, owing far more to pension funds than can ever be paid. If we can't keep our roads in decent repair, or even open, does Madrone really think we can regulate the growers?

Also in the March 23 Journal was a letter by Amy Gustin that is a model of clear thinking and brevity. She points out multiple harms from farming in timberland and sums it all up in the middle of her letter: "At Habitat Forever, we want the industry gone."

Praise be.

David Callow, McKinleyville

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