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It seems one person who was only "vaguely gazing" at the paintings that were showcased at the Gallegos Headquarters (321 Gallegos) on Third Street in Old Town, was your reporter Ryan Burns ("Arts Gallegos," April 8). Had he bothered to actually look at the art he would have noted in his article that the exhibit featured the work of one of Humboldt's most acclaimed artists, Joan Dunning ,and of her son, David Dunning, who is an amazingly brilliant emerging talent, in his own right.

And while Burns can describe it as a tepid endorsement, the fact that there is "no better candidate," is pretty much why one wins an election. If he'd prefer to hear it stated as a positive, "Gallegos is the best candidate." How's that?

Jeffrey M. Hinton, Arcata


I guess with a name like Ryan Burns, you may not be able to distinguish between "noshing" (as in what yiddish speakers do when devouring oily salami) and "gnashing" (as in teeth). But there ain't no word like "gnoshing" -- unless perhaps that's what gnostics do.

Sid Dominitz, Trinidad

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