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Cut Bosses, Not Music




The College of the Redwoods, our community college, is not representing, at all, the will of the community at large ("CR faces the music," Blog Jammin, March 14). It has become another top-heavy institution, prostituting itself to the whims of the cronies serving on its board. To eliminate the programs which actually serve this community is against why community colleges were actually created. Yet, again, CR is cutting one of our most popular and necessary programs in the arts: its music program.

We, as community members, are the only people to voice our support for this program.  We are the tax base for this college. We can actually have a voice.

As the Humboldt Light Opera stated so well, CR is the foundation for many who do go on to amazing careers in the music field and we cannot have this movement foiled.

I send out a plea to all residents here who have enjoyed our theatre and music behind out Redwood Curtain, far from San Francisco. We must, en masse, protest this cutting at CR. The top brass needs to be trimmed, not the academic programs.

*Virginia Hassrick, Bayside *

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