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It is time that students, prospective students and their parents be made aware of the dangers of attending Humboldt State University.

As was spelled out in the Sept. 19 Lumberjack (HSU's student newspaper) article, "Ripple in the radio," Kimberly Comet, director of Risk Management and Safety Services at HSU, feels the university's campus has become too dangerous for KHSU nighttime disc jockeys to continue live broadcasts (NCJ Daily, Sept. 13)! This despite being patrolled by both the Arcata Police Department and the university's own law enforcement.

I urge everyone — students and non-students alike — to educate the public (through letters to the editor, to your hometown papers in particular, as well on social media) of the dangers lurking at HSU. Let the public know the campus has become a place where those responsible for your wellbeing can no longer ensure your safety.

Until HSU has an administration that will provide for the 24/7/365 security of everyone on campus, new enrollment should cease.

Richard Salzman, Arcata


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