We're all hurtling toward death, every minute of every day. Some Buddhists teach that fully grasping our transience, knowing we could go in an instant, is one key to living fully in each of our fleeting moments.

At the end of all those moments, though, the people we love will have to deal with life after we're gone. And for that, the Funeral Consumer Alliance of Humboldt wants to help with everything from advance directives to advice on grieving.

The group's annual meeting, on Saturday afternoon in Bayside, will feature a talk by Sherri Whitt, a licensed marriage and family therapist who has helped many people deal with losses in their lives.

"Not only is grief something that is survivable, but it can sometimes even be transformational in a positive way," Whitt says. Everyone comes at loss differently, she says, but it can often help to lean on others for support, rather than grieving in isolation. And people shouldn't necessarily expect to "get over it," at least in the sense that "there will come a time when they no longer feel pain about that death and it will just be OK. There is a lot of time when that is true, but particularly with significant losses, there are always those tender moments that might arise."

The Funeral Consumer Alliance meets from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 13, at the Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 24 Fellowship Way, Bayside.



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