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'Debunking' Trump Change



I can't let Rick Brennan's letter extolling Donald Trump (Mailbox, Dec. 15) go without debunking the cherry-picked factoids he uses to give legitimacy to Trump's "win." Stating that six times as many counties voted for Trump as Clinton is like saying the 49ers were ahead at the 40-minute mark in most of their games this season when, in fact, they've lost 13 of 14 in 2016. Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by 2 million votes. If 30,000 voters each in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin had changed their vote, Hillary Clinton would be president. And to say that Donald Trump ran against whom elites wanted as president begs the fact that he's appointing some of the most elite people in U.S. to high positions, like the CEO of Exxon and the head of Goldman Sachs.

On one thing I will agree, Donald Trump is a revolutionary. Donald Trump's brand of politicking has brought a crass and brutal new dimension to governing that I've not seen in my 65 years. It maybe revolutionary to lift the veil on the misogyny, bigotry and racism that has existed in our country for years now, but to actually make all of that the unofficial (or official) party line of the Trump administration makes my heart hurt.

We'd all be wise to reread Sinclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here, which is the fictional account of how the U.S. sinks into a dictatorship in the 1930s. Maybe Donald Trump has that as his playbook.

Greg Blomstrom, Fieldbrook

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