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Deconstruction Misunderstood




Ryan Burns article “Studies in Race” (Nov. 5) provided some valuable insight into Humboldt State University’s social engineering project. I know about the nature of this because I was subjected to it while pursuing a higher education at Humboldt State University.

A rather simple formula is used to promote this anti-Western, anti-white agenda: The oppressive bourgeoisie, whom Karl Marx identified in “The Communist Manifesto,” are now those of European extraction, while the oppressed proletariat are ethnic minorities, women and non-heterosexuals. The professors who promote this have made their pseudo-intellectual exercise an Infallible Doctrine. There is no real dialog. Rather, it is dictated to you. They preach that race and gender are social constructs created by an oppressive white European power structure in order to maintain “white privilege,” systematic oppression and social injustice.

This is the classic story of good v. evil, with Western civilization and everything European painted as evil, therefore deserving constant denigration and demonization. The “good” politics of pseudo-sociology, pseudo-science, pseudo-history and pseudo-psychology poses as the Dragon Slayer and benefactor of humankind. One college professor admitted their aim is to “deconstruct” Western civilization.

Jeanne Brown, Blue Lake

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