Thanks for Ryan Burns' reporting on the "The Dem Schism Gets Real," (Blog Jammin, May 17).

The motives being alleged against Virginia and others are projection. These hit and run tactics by certain local disgruntled members of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee are par for the course. These self-appointed Democrats by their own flawed litmus test are the only true Democrats. They ambushed and tried to pass a resolution that some of their own members had no prior knowledge of, and questions about procedures were legitimate. Some writers timed letters deliberately so they conveniently appeared in local media a day after their attack was unveiled at the May 9 HCDCC meeting. Considering that this resolution and these letters are by opponents running for HDCC seats against Virginia, Marian and others, their intent is not selfless.

I consider myself independent and I chose not to pick one party because I want to make my choices based on the individual, the best person for the job. This allows me to support candidates such as Susan Adams for U.S. Congress. The rigid two party system has long failed to serve the people.

To call someone "DINO" and other derogatory comments only shows the character of the person hurling such insults.

I have only attended a few HCDCC meetings to support individual Democratic candidates. I am disgusted at the way these meetings are conducted. Visitors are required to register and introduce themselves but not allowed to speak.

Since the November 2010 election, a radical minority has had a case of sour grapes. Milt tried to influence questions and discussions on the special resolution. Another HCDCC member was yelled at and called traitor after the meeting, outside, away from media scrutiny, by another member because she did not support the resolution at that meeting.

Sounds like freedom of speech and respect is well and alive at the HCDCC. The Brown act and bylaws are selectively applied by these self-appointed "true Democrats."

I find the local Republican party more welcoming. While I am not a Democrat, those who belittle moderate Democrats and all other parties exhibit hubris at its best.

John Chiv, Eureka

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