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Joe Solmonson (Mailbox, Dec. 1) complains about the Nov. 24 Flash Fiction entry that contained the "disgusting" phrase, "with a cock tight in his ass he lost his virginity." Gee, if it's so disgusting why did he repeat it? Oops, now I've done it! Anyone want to try for a fourth time?

Gerald Spellenberg, McKinleyville


The Flash Fiction short story, "Mexican Revelations," for sure had a surprise ending, to say the least! Quote, "With a cock tight in his ass he lost his virginity." Offensive to some or not, it is probably the most surprising ending a 99-words-or-less story could possible have, but very effective! After I read it once, the shock overcast the actual story: Just because there's shame in something doesn't mean it's something you shouldn't do. 

I would like to say this to Joel Solmonson, who originally wrote in to the editor: Homosexuals have seen their fair share of shame. I know because my brother, whom I love dearly, is a gay man who married his boyfriend of only one year just to avoid the chance that they wouldn't be able to later on due to the vote on gay marriage. What some homosexual men would consider beautiful you consider "disgusting."

Maybe therein lies the purpose of the detailed description in the short story. It actually forced you, as a person who would never normally read something like that, to face what you're "sickened" by. I think the fact that you're focusing on the shock part, and not the meaning of the story, means the short story was successful. 

Pedro Lucero, Eureka


I did not read the story "Mexican Revelations" (Flash Fiction, Nov. 24). I did not see the part about "with a cock tight in his ass he lost his virginity." I am not sure if reader Joe Solomon needed to include this in his letter to the editor to say it was disgusting. Was it really needed to repeat "with a cock tight in his ass he lost his virginity" to get his point across?

PS. I will go back and read all the Flash Fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed the few I did read!

Patty Modine, Eureka


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