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I just finished reading your wonderful column, "Biking the Humboldt Bay Trail" in the Sept. 6 edition. The trail and safety corridor are my regular commute, so I really loved reading about your experience.

I completely agree about the lack of signage; a few weeks ago I was headed to work and found a very confused couple standing with their bikes at the big rocks at the end of the trail. I stopped and explained the whole situation; I think they turned around and went back to Arcata. Signs would be great on both sides of the highway. I also would love at least a temporary access at Bayside Cutoff, but during the dry season I just walk my bike through the culvert. The Bay Trail is a beautiful ride, particularly early in the morning, before traffic gets crazy, and it's quiet along the trail but for the birds. 

The one thing I disagree with you about is those dratted eucalyptus trees. CalTrans cleans under them regularly, so you must have ridden it shortly after. I can attest that it can get very messy under there; during certain times of the year I have to stop several times every ride to move sticks and branches off the shoulder, the largest one so far being about 8-feet long and 15 or so pounds. If you looked over the guard rail at the right spot, you will have seen the large limb that fell a couple of years ago. I also don't like having to ride over all those seed cases; it can get ridiculously thick under there, making for a bumpy and disconcerting ride. I agree the trees are nice, but if it comes to a choice between the eucalyptus and the trail, and it has, I'm voting wholeheartedly for the trail ("Supes Approve Bay Trail EIR, Eucalpytus Removal," posted online July 31.)

Korina Johnson, Arcata

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