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Disruptive in Manila




I would like to correct an assertion in your "District Fever" story (Nov. 3). Heidi Walters quotes Manila CSD board member Dendra Dengler as saying an audience member made a comment at a meeting that the president of the board (me) didn't like and that I wanted to call the police. The fact is this audience member kept interrupting the meeting and refused to stop. He has a history of disruption. About a year and a half ago he threatened to shove the gavel up our previous board president's ass. The sheriff's deputies removed and arrested him for that. Ms. Dengler knows this and still misled you with her quote. As for those weighty issues she fed you, we are not raising sewer and water rates, there has been no change in our recreation program in years, there is no current lawsuit over dune restoration, we are not raising or lowering sewer connection fees, and no real financial intrigue. We have carried an interdepartmental debt from recreation and our community center on our books for years, and our auditors have recommended writing it off. Not really a confusing saga. Our sewer and water reserves have increased every year for the last four years. Feel free to actually attend our meetings.

Michael Fennell, Manila

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