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Divided on Debt




The story written regarding the differences between large company debt and individual debt treatment ("The Debt Divide," Jan. 19) was educational and very saddening. I was particularly stunned by Mr. Brian Mitchell's statement regarding the people who reside at Security National's trailer park ... that it's housing for "the working class."  What the hell did he mean by that? He says he's been there. ... In what way has he been there, a fly by?

Now that he is aware of the condition of the bathroom in the Caughie's trailer, will he see to it that the rest of their home environment is safe and livable?  Will he have other homes inspected for safe living conditions and responsibly repair what is needed?  Would that make the Aspen less affordable for "the working class?"

Mitchell says creditors will be paid (including Aspen tenants) 100 percent of what they are owed; there are ways to read into this. I surely hope Mr. Mitchell gets what he deserves ... (wink, wink).

Additionally, just after reading this finely written article, I took my dog for a walk and passed a home recently boarded up with a notice displayed on the blocked door stating the house now belonged to Fanny Mae. There had been a family there. I don't know where they went. A chill ran through my bones. It's not just winter making the days sad and cold.

Kathy Travers, Eureka

While I am glad to see this family having better times, I do have to wonder why when after going through foreclosure and other disastrous financial problems ... why in the world would they go on and have not one, not two but three kids? ... and still be $20,000 in debt?

Did they not learn anything?

How long until they are again without money?

Wait, I changed my mind. I don't have any sympathy nor empathy for them.

Sammy Schlipschid, McKinleyville

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