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Dog Paradise



The inspiration to create a Humboldt Geographic Facebook page came from sharing a few scenic pictures on my personal page. That sparked a friend's idea to start a separate page just for my pictures. I look back over the couple years the page has been going and I do realize there's another inspiration to get outside besides just taking pictures. My family will accompany me on some of my adventures but they are usually busy. The three four-legged members of my family always say yes to an excursion in the outdoors. In fact, I think they're more of an inspiration to get outdoors than the pictures. Humboldt County is a dog paradise, and they know it and expect it. Thanks Chloe, Snowball and Daisy.

Rowdy Kelley (he/him) is a TV and film location scout/manager, producer and director with family roots in Humboldt going back to 1900. See more of his photos on the Humboldt Geographic Facebook page.

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