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January is National Blood Donor Month (Mailbox, Jan. 12). Join us in saving lives. Having donated blood for many years, I'm what some in the industry call a "milestone donor" since I've donated gallons of blood. The truth is, though, that I've received more through helping to save lives in this way than has ever been taken from me.

The need for blood is real: Every two seconds, someone's life is saved by a blood transfusion! Here on the North Coast, we are lucky to have our great local blood center, the Northern California Community Blood Bank. When I donate blood here, I know I'm in good hands, making a difference in local lives, and helping make our community's healthcare system stronger. It makes me feel good to know that someone I will never know will benefit from my donation. You never know whose life you'll be saving.

I thank the many people who already give blood and encourage all eligible donors to roll up their sleeves and join me in this important cause.

David Lindberg, Eureka

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