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I have little to add to the chorus of community members protesting the abrupt closure of KHSU except my voice.

I have volunteered at KHSU since the mid 1970s, off and on. I have contributed to local programming, contributed financially as a sustaining member and participated in most of the fund drives on air for the past two decades. I, too, was troubled by the abrupt firing of a valuable staff member but I stuck with the station and urged other donors to ride it out. My naïve trust was misplaced.

I was on air during the last fund drive, requesting community support for KHSU, while university administrators plotted the station's demise. I feel duped.

I called the university's office of "advancement" and canceled my financial support. I was told I would receive a return call confirming the cancelation. Still waiting.

I am torn between thinking HSU administration is sinister or incompetent. The "reorganization" media release was cold and heartless. Their inability to make progress on any of the audit recommendations seems incompetent. So perhaps the president and vice president of advancement are both.

Station staff were not state employees, so they need to scramble. The HSU PR release did not thank the staff or volunteers, so I will join in the public acknowledgement of their contribution. Thank you.

Mike Goldsby, Ferndale

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