Regarding James Kennedy's letter about Barry Evans' March 24 column ("Truth vs. truth," Mailbox, April 7): These days, there are those capital "E" errors resulting from too much time on the lowercase "e" technologies.

It has never been easier to find any number of sources to prove whatever one wants desperately to believe. Google is a strange tool - it can easily overwhelm what we actually see outside our window.

Google "Noah's ark truth" and you will find scientists and archaeologists ready to attest to the evidence that it existed. Try "earth created in seven days true" and you will find occasional believers posing as authorities. How about "some women like to be beaten" or "American slaves respected their masters"? In all these cases, despite completely underwhelming evidence, there are, nonetheless, plenty of apologists.

My take is that many intelligent scientists do question whether global warming is directly connected to man-made pollution, but that the majority of those "independent" scientists are paid handsomely by the very corporations whose existence depends on their own ability to continue polluting. However, such small details can be hidden very well out there in the lowercase "e"-ther.

Alan Sanborn, Arcata


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