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'Echo and Amplify'



I am writing to echo and amplify Mark Larson's disappointment with the sorry state of KHSU ("KHSU MIA After Quake," Jan. 12). Mark is absolutely right that KHSU was a no-show for Humboldt residents hungry for emergency information during the recent string of natural disasters. But that's nothing new — since the university summarily executed this incredibly valuable resource, KHSU has in no way resembled the rich community and cultural partner it used to be.

While we are grateful to North State Radio in Chico and Cap Radio in Sacramento — both valuable and respected resources for their listeners, no doubt — for stepping in to at least fill the dead air. KHSU has been a non-player for the Humboldt community, offering little more than a feed of national NPR fare. NPR is valuable to me, but I can stream San Francisco or Boston for that, or tune in Jefferson Public Radio. At least they include their own local news and flavor.

I continue to be dumbfounded at the HSU administration's decision to kill off KHSU — how could anyone have concluded that a vibrant and robustly local KHSU was inconsequential? The station used to be an essential link between the university and the community. We sure miss that, and not only during emergencies.

Ted Pease, Trinidad

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