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Editor Just a Jerk?



Thank you MSNBC, oh I mean the North Coast Journal for your enlightening portrayal of bullying, or should I say "bully pulpit."  ("Waiting for Answers," March 7.) So you write, "Carrie pulled out her cell phone camera and went to work." I can only imagine what was happening, and must have included perhaps a compromised book depository situation, or people were forced to double park, or the suspect was sitting in the police car without proper sun protection. I mean there had to be something right?

And you know, thinking about Carrie, perhaps she's just a real big jerk and the police were simply doing their jobs. But how is the public supposed to know anything but what your one-sided and subjective reporting and updates describe? Not content with reporting on the news, I guess you have to create it, comment on it, feed it, build it, etc ... (like most right wing or left wing nut jobs do so they can gain more audience share). Ever think to have an objective report comprised? Too much trouble? I'm likely to be looking forward to "Carrie and her Camera," a new column in your rag, for years to come. Thank you in advance for that as well.

Aaron Gottschalk, Bayside

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