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Barry Evans' "Of Course We Still Love You, Voyager!" (Nov. 19) reminded me that most of us pay little attention to the radio debris shed by our planet. But perhaps we should. I'm thinking specifically of the first radio broadcast that was powerful enough to leave the earth's atmosphere. Punching through the layers of charged particles surrounding our planet requires brute power. On Aug. 30, 1933, the first station with enough wattage to get the job done broadcast a speech from Nuremberg, Germany, to millions of Nazi soldiers by their fuhrer, Adolph Hitler. As usual, he did a lot of screaming and ranting.

Traveling at the speed of light, this broadcast can't be modified, much less rescinded. It will always remain ahead of any other radio signal generated on this planet. It has become Earth's calling card to the rest of the universe. 

Gordon Inkeles, Bayside

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