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Eh, Not So Much



I found Linda Stansberry's article "Women in Weed" to be much ado about nothing. The world's got all kinds of ladies, but two of those kinds are hardworking, real women and ho's. This is not news to anybody. All walks of life contain these two types of women, not just illicit industries.

Good-looking women have the option of using their physical attributes to get ahead, and many of them exercise that option. Homely women don't have a choice, they've gotta work hard or starve. Beauty standards have been the same for a hundred thousand years, just study archaeology if you're skeptical. Men will go for all kinds, but they generally prefer tall, shapely women with light coloring and delicate features. Even the current trend of "dark" beauty emphasizes lighter skin with dark accents, and although it's currently the trend to prefer curvy as opposed to petite, nobody has ever found dumpy women attractive.

Rape and exploitation? That will happen whenever men think they can get away with it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's up to the grow community to regulate their own, not the state or any other outsider. That would certainly make for a lot of tribal warfare, but tribal warfare is part of nature, and no amount of social engineering will ever stop nature. Don't hate on attractive women and try to turn it into news, Linda. That's just bad form.

— Janelle Andersen, Eureka

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