Electrotheatre Stanislavsky: Drillalians

Stage Russia HD (Stanislavsky ElectroTheatre): Alongside earthly reality another civilization exists parallel to it. Drillalia, the land of the Drill, is inhabited by numerous races, and its people throughout history have traveled to and from Earth, leaving signs of genius behind, while opening up their own world to destruction. We follow the initiation and adventures of a Drillalian Prince - a magician, pagan priest and hero - on a journey through time and space, in an effort to save his people. Boris Yukananov's visionary modern opera, which perfectly weds drama and music, is an exceptional event in the sphere of new theatre in Moscow.

- Synopsis provided by CinemaSource



  • Boris Yukhananov


  • Alexander Sinyukov
  • Daria Kolpikova
  • Georgy Grishchenkov
  • Eva Chizhevskaya


  • Dmitri Kourliandski

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