Elrod's Rule 

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A crowd gathers to watch traditional card games -- played with sticks -- during the 21st annual Sovereign Day celebration in the Hoopa Valley.
Hoopa Valley Tribal Chairman Leonard Masten Jr. and his wife, Susan Masten, on Sovereign Day 2009. Susan Masten is a former chairman of the Yurok Tribe.
Hoopa Valley residents Sophia Mitchell and Fawn Colegrove at the Sovereign Day celebration. They hope the new chairman can improve the job and housing situation in the valley.
Hoopa Tribal member Brooke Grant was crowned Miss Indian World on April 25. She signed a lot of autographs at this year’s Sovereign Day gathering, and talked to other girls about her experience.
Traditional card players -- who gamble with sticks in a guessing game -- sing and beat their drums to summon spirits to trip up and confuse the opponent.
Mildred Nixon, a Hoopa Tribal member, makes pies like nobody’s business. She says the new chairman listens to the elders.
Laura Peters and her niece Rainbow Mabry at the Sovereign Day celebration. Peters says there isn’t enough opportunity for young people in Hoopa.
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