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End Times in Eureka





I don't know which is more appalling - the Arkleys' blatant self-interest in buying ballot measure placement, or the Eureka City Council's cowardice in allowing them to do so ("Town Dandy," May 27). I wish I had $30,000 to pay for ballot measure placement. I wonder how much money the Arkleys will spend to pass their measure? Something about this stinks to high heaven.

I am constantly amazed at the load of Security National/Arkley crap that some people swallow so readily. A Home Depot will put many Humboldt County businesses permanently out of commission. Our smaller home-grown businesses that sell floor coverings, plumbing supplies, hardware, paint, window treatments, lumber, building supplies, tools, appliances and nursery supplies - businesses like Mad River Nursery, Hensel's, Shafer's Ace Hardware, West Coast Plumbing, Poletski's and Pierson's, to name just a few - will disappear and never return. Those businesses will be replaced by a multi-national company that will take most of its profits to its shareholders who live elsewhere and have no vested interest in the health and well-being of this community.

Homeowners will become renters. Local disposable income - therefore local retail, service and entertainment spending - will decrease dramatically. Just visit any small town in America where healthy, vital communities supported by mom and pop businesses have become wastelands of poverty and throwaway culture after the big box invasion of their towns. Isn't anybody thinking that their trust in the beneficence of the Arkleys is misplaced? After all, Bank of America is currently suing Rob Arkley for $50 million for defaulting on a loan.

I mean, come on!

Kathleen Marshall, Arcata

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