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Enemy of the People



Another day, another story. Soon we'll find the story not credible/fake news/no source/or just never happened. For well over a year, we've heard about the Russian "collusion" with the Trump administration. The FBI, the CIA, the NSA, even Sen. Feinstein, all stated there is nothing to the Russia/Trump "collusion" story: no evidence, no wrong doings, nothing. The lunatic left is saying, "We know there isn't any evidence; that's why we need an investigation to find it." If there's such a thing as MSM sickness, I've got it.

Media Research Center reported 95 percent of the news on Trump has been negative. 95 percent? No bias? Also, for anyone who thinks that the New York Times and Washington Post are journalistic paragons tell your doctor to up the meds. Maybe at one time they were, but not now. A National Enquirer "I Was Impregnated by a Corpse" story is more factual than the hit pieces by the NYT and WAPO. My father's term for these type of papers? Fish wrappers.

The press and Democratic party, which has become a party of radical fascist hate, are doing anything/everything to delegitimize President Trump and the democratic process. Through the book Shattered, we learned Hillary and her staffers hatched the Russian collusion story to explain her loss within 24 hours of conceding the election. It was then fed to the press and voila; Down the rabbit hole we go for a year!

The press is the enemy of the people but also dangerous when it consciously tries to influence the uninformed through innuendo, accusations, character assassinations and even falsehoods. Only 32 percent of people have a "great deal or fair amount of trust in the media," according to a September 2016 Gallup Poll. Journalists need to deal with facts not hearsay. They are failing the people. They're embarrassing themselves. We don't need any more fish wrappers.

Rick Brennan, Eureka

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