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How interesting! Entitlement behaviors exposed on both ends of the spectrum. This has become The American Plague: entitlement.

A monied developer/contractor/business man indignantly claiming innocence and victimhood, schmoozes and lies and brazenly flauts adhering to any rules previously agreed to and then threatens to leave Humboldt County because he has been so poorly treated ("Poke the Bear," April 20). If he does indeed leave, thank goodness and good riddance. It seems unclear what will happen at the property. It's a shame that whole area was opened to development at all. And he has the FN audacity to bring up housing in Humboldt County!?!? The alternate owner-occupied ordinance certainly needs to be addressed. Seems obvious that this man, Travis Schneider, requires serious monitoring; he is not to be trusted!

Similar and only slightly different are the homeless people who game the system and trample all over the environment and everyone else's rights because they can. They have set up camps in backyards on private property, fenced areas at churches, in front of business entrances, etc. They recognize zero boundaries as far as they are concerned. I'm surprised it's taken this long for an audit to be considered ... that is a pile load of money spent to curb the nasty situation homelessness has become (NCJ Daily, April 20). It's spring. The parade of market carts, baby buggies and tents will get more prevalent as nature blossoms and the weather gets sweeter. Putting up chain fences that get cut, cutting away foliage to expose trespassers isn't working. All that does is destroy more habitat for wildlife. People who really need and want help should get it. Mentally ill folks would do better admitted to a facility and all the rest of the derelict dregs need to be confined to a designated area with structure and discipline or escorted out of Humboldt never to return. Sounds harsh, but it is out of control. Everyone needs to be accountable for their actions ... even inactions. There needs to be consequences for bad behavior!

Kathryn Travers, Eureka

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